Prime quality translation services – translations into English, German and many other languages

If you really want good translations translated by certified translators and not by non-professionals, contact us. The INTERPRET Agency has a long standing experience with translation services. 40 translators are here for you and they are prepared to translate into English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and several other languages according to your desire and effectively and competently.

What translation do you need?

Certified translations

Certified translations with an official seal translated by certified translators registered in the List of Experts, Translators and Interpreters of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic

Translations of specialised texts



Technical translations

European administration

Business correspondence and others.

Translations of documents


Excerpts from criminal records

Trade licences

Birth certificates


Certificates and others

Translation with an official seal of certified translator registered in the List of Experts

Translators and Interpreters of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic.

Do you need to be sure that your official translation is correct and complete? 

Translations of simple texts

Website texts



Documents and others

Our translation services are most frequently used by people who need the translations of texts

from English into Slovak, German, Italian, Spanish

from German into Slovak, English

from Slovak into English, German, Hungarian, Spanish, French, Italian, Czech

However, there is much more. We ensure translations into 35 languages.

Would you like to order our translation services, or do you have any special requirements?

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